How Important is Your Company’s Logo?

Importance of a company logo

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How important is your company’s logo? I’ll get right to it. Extremely important! Your company’s logo is the most critical graphic design piece of your business. What other marketing material is constantly out there for your customers to identify with and recognize as the embodiment of what your company does? The logo should tell a story about your brand. It should convey a message of why you exist or what it is that your company has set out to accomplish.

Most tech companies will use sharp design aspects to give a feeling of speed or accuracy while companies specializing in service tend to employ rounded logos to give an impression of completeness and equality. Subtly goes a long way with logo design. Some of the most recognizable brand logos seem to be so basic it’s easy to forget its importance. Think about Nike, Apple, Target, Pepsi, or the tech world of logos like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest. They all have very basic logos but the consumer is able to recognize them almost immediately and instantly the brain starts to shuffle through what those brands do and what sorts of products they offer.

Successful companies understand a logo is more than an image on their website. It is not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars to find just the right fit for a company. One common mistake small businesses make early on is not putting enough effort into their logo. They tend to throw something quick and easy together and forget about it moving on to something else on the “to-do” list. Cost is usually a factor in new businesses not approaching logo design properly. But, if cost is your main focus wouldn’t you want to get the logo exactly right the first time early on? Going into a redesign after you have established yourself and your brand can be disastrous! Think about a band that changes their name. It takes time for the word to get around that you made a change causing a level of brand confusion. In that time you have lost an unconciousable amount of money, probably valuable customers, and you still have to spend more money to finalize a new logo. Then, when you have the new logo, you have to rebrand all your products, all your marketing materials, and you start the customer acquistion process all over again. Not fun, don’t let that happen to you.

My advice is to find a professional with a portfolio that lends itself to your product or brand. Talk to the designer and discuss what they feel would be a good avenue for your brand to become recognizable. Share your goals and the ultimate purpose of your business with them so they can really drill down to the important aspects of what you do. Good communication is key to getting what you need from a graphic designer. Don’t be unreasonable and don’t rush the process. You will most likely go through a heap of proposals before you even hire a designer. Then you will go through even more revisions of the logo until it is just right. Be patient, remember you don’t want to go back later and start the process all over again. Something in you will click when the colors, shapes, lines, and/or font all come together in the perfect way and you’ll know your logo is ready.

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