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We've crafted 3 different website packages for you to choose from. Select a package to explore the specifics of each and the costs. If these don't exactly line up with what you're looking for, we can custom tailor any of our services to fit your needs. Just give us a call, we'd love to chat about your project.


This website package is for people that need a basic solution to get their business started.

  • Two-week build time
  • Your choice of theme
  • Max of 6 pages
  • WordPress, Shopify, or Square Space


when it's time to shed your start-up skin and turn your website into a marketing platform.

  • 12 pages
  • Custom design & development on WordPress
  • Custom photo shoot (local clients only)
  • On-site SEO markup
  • 30 days of web support
  • GA4 install
  • Mailchimp account setup and website

availible addons:

e-commerce • blog migration • podcast integration • accessibility option • email setup & automation • on-site SEO markup • data analysis • photoshoot (local clients only) • 3 starter blog articles • custom analytics dashboard set-up


establish your brand's identity and set yourself up for the future with custom everything.

  • Branding or Re-branding
  • 25 pages
  • Custom design & development on WordPress
  • Custom photo shoot (local clients only)
  • On-site SEO markup
  • 5 starter blogs
  • 3 backlinks from sites with 30+ DA
  • 30 days of web support
  • GA4 install w/ event & conversion tracking
  • Mailchimp account setup, website integration,
    & starter drip campaign for new signups

availible addons:

e-commerce • blog migration • podcast integration • accessibility option • email setup & automation • data analysis

or try out a la carte

We want to be everyone’s design team for any project. That means  meeting our clients where ever they are in their journey. Our a la carte services are not part of a package or carry monthly fees. They’re purely project based services designed to enhance, differentiate, or fill in the gaps of your online presence. Click one and tell us a little bit about what you need and how we can help.

this team works together, everyday, in our office.
we like working with each other and our clients prefer a team
that still finds joy in collaborating in person.


Every project at Kodeak starts with research, and design is no different. Before we start designing or building anything we review your current website’s analytics. This gives us insight into which parts of your website users like or dislike and their demographics. Then we dig into your industry, market, and competition, and even start shortlisting keyword targets for each page and product for your new website. Our research phase helps us gain valuable insights into your target audience and competitors, allowing us to create pages that truly resonate with your customers. It’s a bit of extra work but we feel it is necessary for any project to drive results and exceed your expectations.


Unlike a lot of other agencies these days who are outsourcing jobs and relying on remote work to save money, our team prefers to work with each other in person. Our production area is open to allow ideas to flow freely so everyone can contribute and offer their unique interpretations and life experiences. Something special happens when passionate designers, developers, and marketers start hive-minding… you get something great.


Making sure your project is ready for launch is not just the final step in our process. During the development phase, we rigorously test your website’s flow and functionality to ensure that it is optimized for speed and the best user experience. You are consulted throughout the design and development process and will have every opportunity to provide feedback. This collaboration is vital to producing a personal, sincere website, and most importantly, one your target audience will like and use.


We also believe that your website is your property. We don’t retain any rights or licenses. Once your website is completed, it is yours to own and manage as you see fit. We don’t require our clients to host their websites with our lightspeed servers, although we do offer secure, reliable hosting solutions for those who don’t want to deal with hosts like GoDaddy. 

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