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using AI tools makes a formidable combination.

Strategy Planning

No marketing plan can succeed without a well thought out strategy. Armed with the latest AI solutions, our marketing experts research your industry & competitors to understand your customers and identity opportunities for your campaigns. We’ll present you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that will generate reach, views, engagement, conversion, and ultimately ROAS at the lowest cost per acquisition.

Asset Creation

If you have already dabbled in running your own ads, we will review your existing assets and landing pages to determine if they are sufficient to generate and/or receive ad traffic or if they need to be reimagined. If this is in fact your first rodeo, we’ll design these assets in-house for you. Our marketing experts feed AI systems data that produces engaging assets your customers will connect and interact with, introducing them to your brand and into your funnel(s). We then move on to tagging and tracking to ensure that we are capturing all of the necessary data. This data is collected, analyzed, and repurposed to test new theory and enhance successful campaigns. As your campaigns mature targeting audiences demographics, interests, behaviors, and much more build even larger data sets and the process begins again.

Reporting & testing

All of this time, effort, and spend means nothing if we’re not quantifying the results. We believe transparency in marketing is your right as a business owner. We are constantly seeking new ways to position our clients to generate even better results. A/B testing allows us to uncover potential opportunities while limiting unnecessary spend. We want you to feel confident you’re working with the right marketing team so we provide a dashboard that allows you to track the progress of your campaign(s) in real time. Ask another agency if they’re going to give you real-time access to your campaigns, we’re that confident we’re going to return on your investment with our expert team of marketers.

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