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We don’t expect you to be a professional e-commerce developer but you should be aware of what makes a good and bad e-commerce experience, thats our job. Your specialty is within your business and our specialty is making sure your e-commerce store is set up for success by utilizing the current best practices and standards for online shopping.

We see our clients as partners on a journey of growing a brand and increasing revenue. We are constantly analyzing data to improve conversion and increase sales. We collaborate with our clients on a regular basis to stay up to date on promotions, new products, and other offers they want to test out. If your e-commerce store is not performing well and is in need of an overhaul or you’re just starting out, we’re the team for the job. We will make sure that your online business is set up for success so you can get back in the game or hit the ground running when you’re ready to launch. Everything from product photography to check-out behavior flows will be considered when you team up with Kodeak.

develop a custom user experience​

Out of the box e-commerce solutions are more popular now than ever before. We’re not trying to tell you platforms like Shopify are the wrong solutions, for many people it’s a solid fit. However, those platforms may not be capable of making the customizations you need or want. Our developers are here on-site, never remote, and actively engage with our clients to ensure our solutions are exactly what they are looking for. When we say “we partner with our clients”, we really mean it.

Chef Alicia Watson

For example, Chef Alicia Watson wanted her e-commerce store to allow users to customize recurring orders on the fly while also producing a shopping list of ingredients for her AND the ordering system had to be available at specific intervals. This is not something that out of the box platforms are built to accommodate but Kodeak can. We even created the ability to form a subscription based model, sort of like Blue Apron, that will allow chef Watson to build recurring revenue when she's ready.


Apple came to us with one of the most broken online stores we've come across yet. We amped up the products with fresh custom product photography and developed custom product actions like allowing the user to see what a certain size and color look like, not just one or the other. We didn't stop there. Considering we are certified Google partners, we wanted to generate more organic traffic while also building an option for PPC landing page functionality. We built out activity-based pages that cater to which use cases a user may be seeking this very specific functional item offers. Now, they have funnels that attract very specific traffic making segmentation easy for future marketing campaigns.

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custom ecommerce

Adding custom checkout elements like these will help increase average cart totals, retrieve potentially lost business, and encourage repeat business. On top of that, automation makes your website work harder for you to help you do what you do best rather than spend time playing website manager. We want your website to work for you in every aspect.

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If so, you’re in the wrong place. But if you are in fact looking to grow your online store and bring your revenue to new heights, fill out the form or give us a call so we can show you what we do best.

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