Wicked Kitchen

International Vegan Food Brand
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the challenge:

Wicked Kitchen™ was already a successful vegan food brand in the UK when they decided to expand into the US market. However, they faced several challenges in establishing their brand in a new market, such as limited brand recognition and distribution channels, as well as stiff competition from established vegan food companies. Additionally, they needed to navigate the differences in consumer preferences and cultural nuances between the UK and the US.

product overview:

Wicked is on a mission to unleash the mighty power of plants! Crave-able, flavor-first, sustainable foods that are better for you and the planet! Plant-based food for meat-eaters and vegans alike. Chef crafted, delicious, and full of flavors and textures for people who love to eat well and eat better. Our purpose is to save animals and support the planet and the people that live on it!

Jeff Tang

VP of Marketing

“…I think when you really love the people that you work with that’s fantastic ground work for a great business relationship and that’s what we have here at Wicked Kitchen™ with Kodeak.”

project result:

Our expert marketing agency had the pleasure of working with Wicked Kitchen™ as they expanded into the US market. We started by designing and developing their website, which became the face of their brand. This was just one of many websites we made for the Wicked brand. We then implemented a comprehensive advertising strategy that resulted in tangible and impressive results.

Through our advertising efforts, we were able to generate over 63.7k conversions, resulting in significant brand awareness and exposure for Wicked Kitchen™. Our multi-channel approach included advertising on Google through search, display, and YouTube, as well as inside the Kroger marketing platform and on Facebook and Instagram. We drove a staggering 946k clicks, at an average cost of $3 per conversion, with a total ad spend of $195k on Google alone.

But that’s not all. Our agency also took on the challenge of improving Wicked Kitchen’s™ organic search presence. We got them to rank for over 28,000 keywords, which brings in nearly 15,000 organic traffic per month. This is huge growth considering they started with around 2,000 keywords and roughly 1,500 monthly visitors.

These results are a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored approach to digital marketing. By working closely with Wicked Kitchen™ and understanding their goals and challenges, we were able to create a successful and cohesive advertising and SEO strategy that delivered real results.

Overall, we are proud of the work we have done for Wicked Kitchen™ and their continued success in the US market. We believe that our partnership with them will continue to yield positive results in the future.



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