You’re here because you want to get more out of your online presence. Your website is the foundation, that launching pad for all your marketing efforts, and the 24-hour salesperson you need. Your website should never be something you settle on. It should be as beautiful, powerful, impactful, and unique as you are. If you have settled for a cheap website in the past, you might have learned that just having a website doesn’t guarantee new business. There is a level of expertise in marketing and consumer psychology that your web design needs to turn your traffic into revenue. Buying behavior has changed, it can no longer be denied. If your website isn’t capitalizing on these new behaviors, you’re not thriving, just simply surviving. You want a Tucson Web Design agency that dedicates its time to learn about your company, foster a real relationship with you, and genuinely cares about your business.


Everything we do is with purpose. We start with website analysis so we can get a good idea of what your user is doing on your website currently. We observe where they may be getting lost, what elements are the most popular, where those users are converting or not. Once we have a good idea of what your users are looking for, we design a website that will convert those users into customers. We use tactics like on site SEO, Call to Action elements, and beautiful imagery to grab the user’s attention and fill your inbox with fresh leads.


Keyword analysis related to your company’s industry and geographic market helps us learn what users are looking for when they are searching for your products and/or services. We look at search intent and search volume to help determine key pages that your website should have so that you can serve the user exactly what they are looking for and have a better chance of getting a new customer from your website traffic as well as a better Google ranking.



That’s right. As a Tucson web design agency, we want to make sure that we can actually provide a return on your investment before we take on your job. If we don’t feel that we can return with our work, we won’t take the job. All of our advice, reports, and strategies that we share with you are yours to keep and do with as you wish.


Your website should serve one purpose: to get you more business. Your website is a marketing platform that should serve as the foundation for every on-line, as well as many off-line, marketing campaigns. Your website needs to convert your traffic into new business for you. This is where hiring a professional makes all the difference. With years of marketing experience under our belts, paired with the extensive research we preform, Kodeak understands how to secure a return on your investment from your new website.


Keyword Research

Keyword research helps us determine what your target audience is looking for when they are searching for your products or services. This helps us determine if there is a topic that should be a cornerstone page on your website.

Competitor & Market Research

We run a website analysis on your competitors’ websites to help see what they are successful at and what their vulnerabilities are. These things also help determine what to target with your website.

Original Photography

Photography plays a huge role in how we grab your user’s attention. Every page needs the right balance of text and imagery to inspire action. We include a local photoshoot with all of our Tucson web designs.

On-Site SEO

These are the elements that tell Google and other search engines what your website is about. This is optimizing meta titles & descriptions, header tags, alt tags, image titles, content, and sitewide schema.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Website analytics will tell you so much about your audience. You can use this information to determine what kind of marketing campaigns to run or if your website needs adjustment in certain areas to convert more users to customers.

Website Security

We secure all WordPress websites using WordFence firewall protection, two-factor authentication for admin access, auto-blocking multiple failed login attempts, and 24/7 monitoring.

``Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, “Make it look good!” That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.``


If you are looking for a Tucson Web Design agency who will be there to take your phone calls, reply to your emails, or chat in person, we’re interested in partnering with you. Though we are based in Tucson, AZ, we have clients all over the globe that get the same treatment. That is, we’re not going to pass your account around from free-lancer to free-lancer to maximize our own margins at your expense. We want to be the Tucson Web Design agency you confidently refer over and over again.

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