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It is likely that you found this blog post via some sort of social media, which in itself, proves this article’s point. Social media is how many people get their news. If you have the right hook, a pretty picture, people will follow your link from their news feed to your site. Every social platform has their benefits depending on what type of business you have or demographic you are trying to reach. See my top 5 social medias to advertise on here.

X (formerly Twitter)

X connects with a younger generation and the delivery method is just as short as their attention spans. I can say that comfortably assuming they already skipped on to another article. With short messages, video integration, and now live streaming via Periscope, X has not only become an outlet for celebrities to beef with each other but also a source of valuable timely news. Capitalizing on trending topics can really light a fire under your social media marketing plan. Big and upcoming brands have had a lot of success on this platform. No reason you can’t grab a piece of that pie! With X, you only pay when users follow your account or retweet, favorite, reply, or click on your Promoted Tweet. There’s no minimum spend, and you can start and stop at any time.


Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and its popularity is still in full swing with the teen and young adult demographics. They are currently testing a new ad structure which would allow users to click on a link for purchases and download apps to their device. If you have a product and are looking not only to build your following but convert those followers into dollars for your business, Instagram may soon be your top social media platform to advertise on. Instagram is a great platform if your company has anything to do with photography, art, video, or anything visual that can be uploaded via your mobile device.


The new comer to the party is Pinterest, as they have only recently started to allow ads on their platform. Advertising takes the form of “Promoted Pins” on Pinterest as any one post is called a “pin”. Promoting those pins allows you to increase your brand awareness, user engagement with your company, or even traffic to your website. They seemingly manage to walk a fine line between curators, or collectors, and DIY personalities. So if you have a new cookbook out maybe you can make some of your amazing recipes available on your Pinterest page! Pinterest also has a way of adding value to an online marketing plan over a longer time span. Unlike Twitter and Instagram where content is consumed and disposed of almost immediately, Pinterest’s content stays relevant for longer periods of time typically.


And then there’s Facebook. The behemoth that is Facebook! Facebook has almost 1.5 billion, yes billion with a ‘B’, active monthly users. Saying that they have the ability to get you in front of customers is an understatement. The real value in advertising on Facebook is all the juicy analytics you get. Few other platforms have the granular targeting analytics Facebook has, which makes it easier to find the exact people you want to market to, and I do mean exact. Let’s say you want to reach 40+ year old women who speak German, drive luxury cars, own pets, and make between 50 and 65k/year. You can do that. Seriously. With Facebook ads, you can set your budget, adjust it any time, and start and stop your campaign at any time. You can pay per click or per impression depending on the objective of your campaign, which there are 10 to choose from. This platform could be your best ROI with a well thought out advertisement, but can just as easily be a big waste of advertising dollars with a bad ad.


Google+ has been getting a lot of flak lately for being a “failed” social media platform and to the most casual user of social media that probably seems accurate. But look a little deeper and realize that there are hidden perks to working those Google+ circles. Having an active google+ page serves as additional web content for a small search engine company named GOOGLE! Google is constantly trying to improve the search process for users, in doing so they often change the algorithms used to calculate where websites rank in the results pages. Lately, the way social media campaigns fit into those equations is becoming more important so having a solid Google+ page has never been more important. Plus, (see what I did there) if you have a site that is getting beat up in the results pages but you wrote some smoking content recently, it is likely that content on your Google+ page will rank higher than your website, thus shining a light on a path to your site.

Those are the Top 5 according to me. Even if you don’t pay for the very low cost advertising opportunities that these platforms offer, you can most certainly take advantage of the free exposure that these platforms offer by simply creating an account and engaging your customers. Fairly obvious honestly, but if you think otherwise put your thoughts in the comment field after the break.

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